Post-Trip Report for Travel Voucher

The travel MAPPs (MAPP 04.02.01A for Travel Paid from State-Appropriated Funds and MAPP 04.02.01B for Travel Paid from Local Funds) were updated February 7, 2012. Both MAPPs require a post-trip account of daily activities to support the business purpose of the trip for both foreign and domestic travel.

MAPP 04.02.01B says:
For foreign travel, . . . Following the trip, the traveler must submit an agenda to the appropriate vice president, as well as a trip report that describes the activities and meetings including those attending, and how the trip was beneficial for the university. Conference programs or other documentation are to be provided in support of the statement. In a similar manner, senior administrators who report directly to the president shall provide a detailed statement and agenda for foreign travel. (IV.C.)

For non-foreign travel, daily itinerary of meetings attended or conference program that support the business purpose of the trip. (X.B.5.)

Accounts Payable is not looking for a long description of activities and does not verify that the agenda and trip report were submitted to the appropriate VP for a foreign trip. A brief explanation of the activities that occurred each day on the trip is all that is required. An account is needed for each day because some university travelers incur personal expenses during their business trip, which should not be paid by the university.

Here are some examples of acceptable voucher documentation for foreign or domestic trips:

1. The trip to San Diego benefitted my research on stem cells. I arrived in San Diego on November 15, met with Drs. Luke Brand and Michelle Roth at the University of California San Diego to discuss my research and conduct experiments November 16-19, and returned to Houston on November 20.

2. I learned a great deal about other perspectives on medieval literature during the English Poet’s Society Conference in London. I arrived in London on October 25, attended the conference October 26-30, did some site seeing October 31-November 2 (personal travel), and returned to Houston on November 3. See the attached conference agenda.

3. During my trip to Beijing, I discussed my research on air pollution with an expert at Beijing University and conducted experiments around the city. Below is a summary of my trip.
• November 5: Arrived in Beijing
• November 6-8: Met with Dr. Chen Yu at Beijing University to discuss research on air pollution
• November 9-10: Conducted experiments around Beijing on air pollution with Dr. Yu’s help
• November 11-15: Traveled to see the Great Wall of China and other sites (personal travel)
• November 16: Returned to Houston

Please note that post-trip report documentation is not required for Travel Card expenses, some of which are paid before a trip. It is only required for reimbursement vouchers, since the voucher is always processed after the trip and should summarize all trip expenses, including those paid on a Travel Card.

The post-trip report can be in the Comments section of the Travel Expense Report, which is signed by the traveler, in a memo signed by the traveler, or in an email from the traveler. It can also be in the Comments section of the Voucher, if the traveler signs it and it is uploaded as a backup document. The point is that the traveler must acknowledge the post-trip report as their report.

If you have any questions, please contact Sandra Silva at or 713-743-5883.