UH Travel Portal

The UH Travel Portal is a new website with helpful travel information and discounts for UH faculty, staff, visitors, students, and alumni. The website is maintained by Campus Travel Management, which provides this service to several universities across the US.

The UH Travel Portal includes the following links:

Visiting UH
• Local Hotels, including the UH Hilton Hotel, that offer discount rates to UH visitors
• Campus Map
• Directions from Airports
• Visitor Parking
• Campus Dining
• UH Visitor’s Page

Faculty and Staff
• UH Travel Policies
• UH Travel Forms
• UH Travel Agent (NTS)
• Outbound Hotels – discounts on hotel chains and hotels where universities are located that utilize Campus Travel Management (colleague rates)
• Collegiate Reciprocity – list of universities that utilize Campus Travel Management. Click on the university to see the hotels that offer discount rates to colleagues (UH faculty, staff, students, and alumni).
• State Travel Contracts – airlines, hotels, rental cars
• Contacts for Questions
• UH Travel Page

The UH Travel Portal can be accessed from the UH Visitor’s Page or from the UH Finance page.

Please note that UH visitors are not required to use the local hotels on the UH Travel Portal website and UH faculty and staff are not required to use the hotels offered at a discount in other cities. However, the local (Houston area) hotels are preferred, including the UH Hilton of course, and they should be used for visitors whenever possible to save money. Make sure to ask for the UH visitor rate, which is on each hotel’s website. A few of the local hotels on the website also put their brochures in a special rack inside the UH Welcome Center lobby for guests to pick up.

In addition, UH faculty, staff, students, and alumni can ask for the “colleague rate” when staying at hotels outside of Houston (see Collegiate Reciprocity or Outbound Hotels) whether traveling for business or pleasure. Departments are encouraged to use this website as another resource when looking for affordable hotels in other cities. UH faculty, staff, students, and alumni do not have to be visiting the associated university to receive the colleague discount rate. They are eligible for the discount because they are associated with UH and UH participates in the Campus Travel Management program.

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Glisson at 713-743-8706 or mtglisson@central.uh.edu.