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Bob Bowden - UH Fire Marshal


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Bob Bowden - UH Fire Marshal
By Ginger Walker, Department of Public Safety

Most of you know Bob Bowden as the University of Houston’s Fire Marshal. He inspects buildings and ensures that the University of Houston (UH) is safe from fire and life safety hazards. What you may not know is that being the UH Fire Marshal is Act Two Bob Bowden.

Bob began his adventures as a firefighter in 1968 when he entered into the Houston Fire Department Training Academy. He began as a full time firefighter with Houston Fire Department. Bob remembers, “The typical types of fires were grass/brush fires, house fires, car fires, and apartment fires with an occasional warehouse/business.” During his time as a firefighter Bob received 1st and 2nd degree burns while fighting a grass fire when the wind suddenly shifted. He fought anything from a house fire to a high rise fire.

Bob worked in Fire Stations all over the Houston area and remembers a memorable fire when a warehouse filled with 55 gallon drums of alcohol was blowing up and sailing the drums skyward like bottle rockets. He also remembers a time when the entire roof of the Shell Building was on fire and when a tornado struck west Houston.

Bob spent time being a Lead Instructor at the Houston Fire Departments Training Academy. He trained approximately 240 cadets.

Bob retired from the Houston Fire Department as a Senior Captain. We have our own hero here at the Department of Public Safety…HFD Retired Senior Captain Bob Bowden.



By Maria Honey, University Services

The University of Houston and hundreds of other colleges and universities are approaching the final stretch of the 10 week RecycleMania competition, which not only encourages recycling but also emphasizes the benefits of living green every day.

As of week 6 of the competition (February 22-28), UH was in 51st place nationally. In those six weeks, UH has collected 142,665 pounds of mixed paper, newspaper, cardboard, plastics and aluminum. That is 142,665 pounds of material that would otherwise be going into a landfill were it not for the University's recycling program.

  Pounds of Recyclables Recycling Rate Overall Contest Ranking
Week 1 19,325 24.23% 90th
Week 2 23,065 32.53% 50th
Week 3 32,665 36.59% 38th
Week 4 17,345 26.06% 58th
Week 5 30,725 34.03% 51st
Week 6 19,540 37.06% 51st

But RecycleMania at UH is not only about recycling. The University's efforts encompass all aspects of campus sustainability. In past weeks, UH has planted a produce garden, promoted green commuting to and from campus and held a Garbage to Garden event focusing on minimizing food waste in the dining halls and collecting food material for the school's compost heap.

This past Wednesday, the UH Green Team held the RecycleMania Olympics at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center. Students enjoyed participating in an art contest and Olympic games like shredded paper shot-put, phone book relay and plastic bottle run. To wrap-up RecycleMania, UH will host a Closing Ceremony on March 31 at the UC Satellite, to celebrate the school's accomplishments and to charge the community to continue the green movement.

If you've missed out on a RecycleMania event, it's not too late to get involved. Go to www.uh.edu/recyclemania to volunteer.

What can you do as a Cougar to support the campus’ efforts in the RecycleMania competition?

· Recycle everything on campus. Recycle all the paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, #1 through #7 plastics that you use on campus by dispensing them in any indoor or outdoor recycling receptacles.

· Be our eyes and ears on the campus. If you see recycling bins that need to be emptied, let us know by sending an email to greenuh@central.uh.edu. We will promptly dispatch the UH recycling team to that bin.

· Become a RecycleManiac. Visit www.uh.edu/recyclemania and look for an opportunity to be a volunteer at one of many RecycleMania events.

· Request indoor recycle bins for your UH department. If your department needs recycling bins, submit a request on the GreenUH website, www.uh.edu/af/greenUH.

It’s time to kick our recycling efforts into high gear. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle. For more information about the RecycleMania competition and to see what our standing is, visit www.recyclemaniacs.org.