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Make sure to get proper permit when planning food fundraisers

By Cindy Granier

As the University of Houston continues to support the March for Babies, different food fundraisers are being planned by various departments on campus.

The UH Department of Public Safety encourages those who are coordinating the fundraisers to contact Environmental Health and Life Safety to obtain a temporary food dealers permit prior to hosting a food fundraiser.

All faculty, staff, or students serving food at an event or intending to use a caterer/outside contractor to cater an event on campus must follow all rules and regulations mandated by the Department of Public Safety Fire Marshal’s Office.

For additional information, please contact:

Department of Public Safety
Environment Health and Life Safety/Fire Marshal’s Office
4513 Cullen Boulevard, Second Floor – TLC2 Annex - Building 106
Houston, Texas 77204-1005 Phone: 713-743-5858 or 713-743-8027