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Green Tips
Utilize Power-Down or Sleep Mode Features for PCs when not in use

Many PCs available today come with a power-down or sleep mode feature for the CPU and monitor. Make sure you have the power-down feature set up on your PC through your operating system software. Computers powered down to a sleep mode consume 15 Watts or less power, which is around 70% less electricity than a computer without power management features.

For energy savings, consider turning off your monitors if you are not planning to use your PC for at least 20 minutes and consider turning off your computers if you are not planning to use it for more than 2 hours.

Connect all PC accessories like monitors, printers, scanners to a power strip or a surge protector. During extended periods of non use, turn this power strip off to prevent drawing power.

Although there is small surge in energy experienced during PC starts up, this surge is relatively small compared to the energy used by PCs running for long periods of time. With advances in technology most PCs reach their end of useful life long before there are any negative effects of switching the computers On/Off. Also note that turning off PCs will reduce air-conditioning load as well.