In an effort to provide staff training to increase and facilitate basic computer knowledge, the department Business Office implemented the Creating Literacy in Computer Knowledge (CLICK) Program in mid February 2012. As the university moves forward to a virtual online system for most of its processes, Plant Operations is using this program to assist its employees with the tools and training needed to be prepared while this transition occurs.

The program rollout included an initial orientation of the program, as well as a follow up training to cover basic computer use. All sessions were available in both English and Spanish. Training materials and other program incentives were provided to those staff members who have participated in this beneficial program. All training occurs within the recently renovated computer lab located in the General Services Building.

The program has been well received and feedback from staff has been positive. Each training session has had an average of 20 attendees, and a total of 24 sessions have been held. Employees have learned and can now log into PeopleSoft to download pay stubs, complete online mandatory training, review ePerformance and obtain leave balance information as well as a bevy of other items.

The program’s next steps will include training on completing annual mandatory training online, ePerformance evaluations and online bi-weekly timesheet completion.

To learn more about this exciting program, please contact Yolizma Zapata, Department Business Administrator for Plant Operations at 713-743-3276 or