UH and UHS ACH Procedures

There are 3 steps to accepting ACH or Wire Payments:

1) Contact Treasury to obtain banking information to provide to your customers.
a. Contact: Robbi Puryear, rdpuryea@central.uh.edu

2) Contact Bank Reconciliations to notify them that your department will be accepting ACH or Wire payments. This will help them identify you as the recipient when funds arrive at the bank.

a. Contacts:
i. Gretta McClain, gmcclain@uh.edu
ii. Tanya Smith, tsmith6@uh.edu

3) Ensure that your invoices include ACH/Wire transfer instructions that specify that the payee should:

a. Send all ACH’s with text addenda; and
b. Text addenda should include your alpha-numeric Department ID (ex: H0205).

Miscellaneous Information
1. These procedures refer to billing and collecting funds for non-sponsored project activities. All sponsored project activities must be billed, collected, and recorded through the Division of Research’s Financial Services Department and Finance Research Accounting.

2. International Wire Transfer Charges often have a service charge

a. Departments will be responsible for paying service charges
b. The journal entry should record:
i. a credit for the full revenue in the appropriate account;
ii. a debit for the amount of the service charge using account 54711
iii. a debit to fund BANK account 10510 for the net cash received.