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Verifying Vendor Hold Status

The Texas Comptrollerís Office has updated its policy concerning the verification of vendor hold status. A vendor (company or individual) is placed ďon holdĒ with the State of Texas (i.e., the state will hold payments to the vendor) when a state agency or university reports that the vendor owes a delinquent debt to the state.

The Comptrollerís policy requires state agencies and universities to verify a vendorís hold status for local voucher payments over $500 and for state and local P-Card purchases over $500. Also, we are required to verify a vendorís status before signing a contract that will be paid with local funds, regardless of dollar amount.

State voucher payments are automatically withheld by the Comptrollerís Office for vendors on hold. Likewise, local voucher payments are not issued by the UHS Finance System to vendors on hold. Therefore, UHS departments do not need to manually verify a vendorís hold status for local vouchers either, since the Finance System does this automatically when the payment is ready to be issued.

The following matrix shows when departments are required to verify vendor hold status for their purchases:

Purchase Method
(fund type)
Vendor Hold Status Verification Requirement
(state and local)
No Verification Required
The vendorís hold status is verified automatically before issuing a payment and will not issue payments to vendors on hold.
(state and local)
Purchases over $500
Verification is Required Prior to Making Purchases

Purchases of $500 or less
No Verification Required
Verification is Required Prior to Signing the Contract
Verification may occur no earlier than seven days before the contract is signed and no later than the date the contract is signed.
No Verification Required
The vendorís hold status is verified automatically before issuing a payment and will not issue payments to vendors on hold.

Instructions for verifying vendor hold status are posted on the Finance website - see ďVendor Hold StatusĒ (http://www.uh.edu/finance/pages/References.htm). Emergency purchases are not subject to this requirement.

If you have any questions, please contact Cissy Bean (AP Manager for Purchase Vouchers: 3-8711) or Armand Villacorte (AP Manager for Procurement Cards: 3-5660).