Employee Focus


Employee Spotlight
Rosie Guajardo, Jordy Stiggs and Janicee Mack

The University Services Department now has a service unit to help answer your questions regarding parking, dining services, vending and real estate services and many other services on campus. The team of three work diligently to provide accurate information and customer friendly service each time they answer the phone.

Rosie Guajardo, the team leader, notes that it is important to have staff with a desire to serve and a friendly disposition in order to give the customer a positive experience. Rosie says a successful service unit needs the kind of people who find fulfillment in helping others find answers to their questions or concerns.

Rosie has been providing service via the phone since 2004 when she joined the UH Information Technology team and helped departments with their telecommunication needs. In 2007, she joined the Administration and Finance Customer Service Center where she became familiar with human resources, training, business processes and other aspects of A&F. Today Rosie is busy assisting not only UH employees but students as well.

"The majority of the calls we received are about parking. Students call asking questions about their parking permits or to find out what to do about a parking citation. To manage the large numbers of calls we get everyday, I am grateful to have Jordy and Janicee on my team," notes Rosie. Jordy Stiggs and Janice Mack recently joined the University Services service unit from the parking and transportation area where they were already assisting students register for parking permits and get around the campus.

When asked what they would want the campus to know about the service center, Janicee said, "Call or email us with your questions and comments about parking, food service, the copy center, the bookstore, vending machines, or anything else that is concerning a service on campus. If we don't know the answer, we'll definitely get it for you."

For more information about University Services, visit www.uh.edu/universityservices. You can also call the main line at 713-743-5723 or send a message via email at universityservices@uh.edu.