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Radioactive materials and radiation producing equipment are used to further the University’s mission of research and teaching. Their uses are strictly regulated by the Texas Department of State Health Services, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and other applicable regulatory agencies. The University maintains a broad license for radioactive material and certificates of registration for lasers and x-rays with specific guidelines that researchers have to abide by. Through the Radiation Safety Program, UH is committed to assisting all personnel and management comply with all applicable regulations, ensuring a place of employment and learning which is free from recognized radiation hazards.

The Vice President/Vice Chancellor of Research & Technology Transfer is responsible for the Radiation Safety Program through the Radiation Safety Committee. Members of the Committee, together with the Radiation/Laser Safety Officer (RSO/LSO), develop policies and procedures that help to ensure the effectiveness and compliance of the program. The highest priority for the RSO/LSO and staff is to ensure that day-to-day operations involving activities covered under the license and registrations are conducted safely, consistent with institutional policies/ procedures and all other applicable regulations. This is accomplished within the Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) through an array of technical and regulatory services.

A unique feature of this program is the high degree of compliance. EHS is positioned to address technical and regulatory issues that may impact proposed and existing research activities in a timely manner to enhance research objectives. Services offered include approvals and assistance with procurement of radiation sources and radiation producing machines; review of technical specifications of equipment and safety recommendations; training to faculty, staff and students; review of new experimental protocols as well as proposed changes; assessment of new research set up; new research space design reviews; radioactive waste management; compliance audits and inspections, etc.

For assistance with research involving radiation sources or radiation generating machines, please contact the Radiation/Laser Safety Officer for assistance at 713-743-5858 or