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Not only will residents enjoy free and unlimited use of laundry equipment when they arrive in the fall, but they will also discover each residence hall is now equipped with new high-tech machines that will enhance their residential experience.

Cougar Village, Moody Towers, Calhoun Lofts and the Quadrangle will all receive high efficiency washers and dryers with LaundryView® technology. With this technology, residents can visit the LaundryView® website at to view a 3D image of the laundry room to check machine availability as well as see how much time remains in the cycle. The LaundryView® system can also notify residents when their laundry cycle is complete using text alerts. These new machines will require high efficiency detergent so residents will be advised to take note when purchasing their detergent.

The new laundry system will also include the “Lighten the Load” program which makes the laundry rooms on campus carbon neutral demonstrating the university’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

As an added bonus, instead of using money in their Flex Accounts, residents will no longer have to pay per use of the machines. Costs are now included into the student housing fees to offer more convenience and unlimited use of laundry equipment to residents.

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