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New GCMS Entry Requirement for Department Travel Cards

The recently revised travel MAPPs indicate that employees who had travel expenses exceeding $10,000 (paid by the university) in the prior fiscal year, along with Vice Presidents and Deans, are subject to additional audits by AP and Internal Audit.

In order to identify each employee’s travel expenses paid by the university via Department Travel Cards, we have setup a new field “Traveler EmplID” in GCMS for Local Department Travel Cards and State Department Travel Cards. The field is not necessary for Local Individual Travel Cards, since we already know that charges on individual travel cards are for the employee-cardholder only.

Starting on August 4, 2012 (the beginning of the September Billing Cycle), Traveler EmplID will be required for each Department Travel Card transaction posted in GCMS (see below). If a transaction is for non-employee travel, 0000000 should be entered in the field.

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