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Key Dates Calendar and Year-End Procedures

The “FY12 and FY13 Key Dates Calendar for UH/UHS Departments” is a list of deadlines and tasks that occur once a year from July through November that affect UH administrative staff. Some of the tasks are associated with the end of the fiscal year, but others are not.

The Key Dates Calendar is located here. Updates to the calendar are announced through the Finance Listserv. If you would like to receive Finance Listserv email notices, please send an email to

“Year-End Procedures” are located on the Finance References page.

Year-End Procedures
AP Accrual Procedure
AR Procedure
Changing FY12 Vouchers to FY13
Creating 998 Journal Entries
Period 998 FAQs
Prior-Year PO Encumbrances

Year-end procedures are associated with the end of the fiscal year, which ends August 31. Some of these (AP accruals) are performed by the Controller’s Office and others (changing FY12 vouchers to FY13) are performed by individual departments.

If you have any questions about year-end procedures, please contact Mike Glisson at 713-743-8706 or