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LED lights at Fresh Food Company to lower energy usage and costs

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New lighting inside the Fresh Food Company in Moody Towers is expected to save money on energy, reduce air-conditioning usage and last longer.

Once the spring semester was completed, 244 compact fluorescent bulbs in the dining hall were replaced with LED lamps. The LED lights are more efficient and use less electricity, which will pay off in the long run in the form of lower energy bills, said Jerry Bogna, senior project manager for Auxiliary Services-Facilities Management.

In addition, LED lights emit less heat, which translates into less air conditioning usage, especially during the hot summer months.

"These lights, burning 24 hours a day, are supposed to last 3 ½ years, whereas the compact fluorescent give us about a year and a half at best," said Bogna. "Not only will we pick up big energy savings, but we'll also use less manpower maintaining and replacing them when they burn out."

The switchover comes a few months after lighting in the UC Satellite and the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center was changed.

Bogna said people who frequent all three establishments shouldn't even notice a difference because the light output is very similar.

"We made a deliberate effort to find replacement lamps that wouldn't change the look of the spaces," he said.