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Dietitian teaches future Cougars healthy eating habits

Dietitian teaches future Cougars healthy eating habits

University of Houston Dining Services Dietitian Sarah Feye knows the importance of children learning how to eat healthy at an early age. To stress the importance of healthy eating, she hosted a “Balancing Your Plate with MyPlate” workshop for the Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp.

The workshop took place June 16 in the private dining room at the Fresh Food Company in Moody Towers. Feye presented to more than 60 middle school students.

The workshop began with the introduction of MyPlate. MyPlate is a nutrition guide created by the United States Department of Agriculture that explains healthy food proportions to eaters. This new guide replaced the traditional food pyramid in 2011.

The event was followed by a MyPlate Bingo game to test the campers’ knowledge. After that concluded, Sous Chef Grant Keaton conducted a culinary demonstration that taught the campers how to make a kid-approved macaroni and cheese recipe. Some of the students were able to assist in making a whole grain, veggie-packed version of a family favorite while tying in their knowledge of a balanced meal.

The students enjoyed the event and were excited to participate. They were able to wear chef hats and aprons.

Feye hopes that these future Cougars were motivated to care more about health and wellness.

“It’s a great way for these students to become involved with the campus community,” she said. “More importantly, we may have impacted lifelong eating habits.”