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Cullen Family Plaza Fountain and Reflecting Pool to undergo major repairs

Improvements to intramural fields include new lights, better drainage

The Cullen Family Plaza Fountain and Reflecting Pool, a beloved feature of the University of Houston for more than four decades, is showing its age.

As a result, the fountain, which is situated in the heart of campus behind the E. Cullen building, will be undergoing major repair work over the next few months.

While University officials originally had planned to have the water fountains running one last time in December to allow proud families to take photos in front of it before and after commencement ceremonies, deteriorating conditions unfortunately made that not feasible.

Concrete joints in the reflecting pool are failing and older pipes underneath it are leaking, causing the ground below it to become saturated. The concrete panels and pipes will need to be replaced, but before that can happen, the ground underneath the panels needs to be stabilized. This means the concrete sections will be pulled up so the stabilization and pipe replacement can occur. Because this will be a major construction project, the area will be fenced off.

The plan is to have the reflecting pool back in service prior to the spring graduation ceremonies.