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Catering on Cullen adds eco-friendly products

By Emily Fahner

catering on Cullen eco-friendly products

Catering on Cullen introduces a new line of eco-friendly products to be used at catered events across campus.

In an effort to align with the University of Houston’s sustainability efforts, Catering on Cullen will now use products from Eco-Products and EarthChoice.

The different options from Eco-Products include hot-holding cups, plates and plastic utensils. These products are all made from reclaimed and renewable material. The plastic utensils are Cougar red in color – a great addition for any UH event.

The cold-holding cup from EarthChoice is made from a PLA (polylactic acid), which is created from plants instead of oil.

It should be noted that items with food residue may not be recycled. However, the items are compostable.

To book a catered event, visit

For more information on the products, visit the websites of EarthChoice and Eco-Products.