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UHWireless splash page to debut Jan. 4

As part of the effort to enhance our public University WiFi services, UHWireless, beginning Jan 4th, users will be prompted via a splash page to accept the UH acceptable use policy. The splash page is very much like other pages used when accessing free WiFi networks such as those in coffeehouses, restaurants or hotels. After being prompted to accept the usage policy, users will be able use the Internet. Users will be required to accept the policy every 24 hours or after leaving the campus network and then returning.

The UHWireless splash page will look like this:

UHWireless splash page to debut Jan. 4








Current faculty, staff or student?

If you have a current CougarNet account, you can bypass the need to accept the policy by using your account to login to UHSecure. This will allow you unlimited internet access via our secure wireless network. More information about UHSecure can be found at:

Help! What do I do if my device doesn't allow for a splash screen?

If you would like to use a device that does not allow you to accept the policy (such as most gaming devices, multi-function printers, digital signs, etc.) you can register those by logging in to AccessUH and selecting "Register My WiFi Devices." Fill out the form and within the hour, you will be able to use those devices on UHWireless.


The UIT Support Center can assist users with questions regarding UHWireless or which is the best WiFi experience for your needs. Call 713-743-1411, email or live chat Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. For more information on WiFi services, including how to test your WiFi speed at UH, please visit