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Space heaters not allowed on UH campus

By Cindy Granier

During this chilly holiday season, the University of Houston Fire Marshal’s Office wants to remind the UH community that the use of space heaters is prohibited.

That risk is compounded for a number of reasons, including:

  • The use of extension cords as permanent wiring when powering space heaters
  • The overloading of circuits due to the high amperage necessary to start-up the devices
  • Blown circuits and temperature control issues require a response by various staff members that might be better utilized elsewhere, and inefficient appliances add to already soaring utility costs.

“Some acceptable alternates to using space heaters are electric blankets or heating pads. Both are safer and use less electricity,” Fire Marshal Chris McDonald said.

If temperature extremes are an issue in someone’s office, they should contact FIX-IT Customer Service at 713-743-4948 or for assistance via Utility Services.