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Police officer presented first Life Saving Award at UH

By Cindy Granier

Police officer presented first Life Saving Award at UH

On April 23, a former UH student attempted suicide at the East Parking Garage. UHPD Officer Jeremy Nino was nearby and heard the screams of onlookers and quickly responded to the incident.

Nino observed the man’s injuries and saw that he was in need of immediate attention. He immediately stabilized the man’s head and turned him on his side, and depressed his tongue to clear his airway.

Although other police officers and personnel arrived and assisted on the scene, it is clear that Nino’s quick action is what allowed the former student to survive. Had the man been left unattended, even for the first few extra moments, he would more than likely not have lived.

Nino displayed the greatest qualities expected from officers with UHPD. His selfless and quick action saved this student’s life and was recognized during a Nov. 6 police badge-pinning ceremony. He was presented the first Life Saving Award at the University of Houston.