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Benches near UH Pocket Prairie updated by maintenance crews

By Jacquie Vargas

Benches near UH Pocket Prairie updated by maintenance crews

Facilities Services maintenance crews have completed another project this summer to beautify the campus just in time for the beginning of the fall semester and the return of students.

Concrete benches, located in a copse of oak trees surrounded by the Science and Engineering Classroom building, the UH Pocket Prairie, Science and Research 2, University of Houston Science Center, and bounded by Cullen Boulevard, have undergone a surprising refresh.

These benches are uniquely curved and graceful structures of cast concrete and over time, the weather and age had marred the surfaces. They were discolored with mold and dirt and had become uninviting structures.

Senior Construction Project Manager Jerry Bogna looked past the grime and mold and saw the opportunity to make the area an inviting location. Bogna researched a process using epoxy paint to coat and protect the bench surfaces.

The Facilities maintenance crews began this project on May 26. These benches were cleaned first by pressure washing and then they were chemically cleaned with bleach. A new coat of the industrial strength epoxy paint in Cougar Red was applied that comes with a unique lifetime warranty. The bench legs were refreshed with a coat of gray epoxy paint. The benches were then finished with a granite overlay giving the surface a stone-like texture and shine. Once all of this was completed, the benches were ready for use by mid-July.

The updated benches not only look better but elicit pride with the addition of the Cougar red color. This is a great spot for students to take a few minutes under the shade in-between classes to study, rest and relax.