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1. Always use “Search for People” before hiring any new employee. Most people already have a PeopleSoft ID, such as students, applicants, previous employees, and visitors. To prevent duplicate ID issues, use the search instructions each time you begin the hire process.

2. How to choose which ePAR form to use:

Hire Form:
Hire a new employee
Rehire a terminated employee
Transfer an employee from another department (same grade)
Promote an employee from another department
Add an additional job for an employee
Exempt Staff Overload

Edit Existing Job:
Any changes for an employee in your department
Transfers within your department
Promotions within your department
Pay Rate Changes
Pay Rate Changes Interim Assignment
FTE Changes

Change Employment Status:
Leave of Absence (unpaid leave)
Paid Leave of Absence
Return from Leave
Summer Work Break
Return from SWB
Education Leave
Return from Education Leave

Additional Pay:
Not for work performed
Communication Allowance
Car Allowance
Employee Awards (by HR approval only)
Incentive Pay (by HR approval only)
Human Subjects
Miscellaneous Compensation (by HR approval only)

3. All hires and rehires with more than one year break in service must complete an I-9 on or before the first day of work. If you have questions about I-9s, please contact the HR Service Center.

• Employees must report to the HR Service Center in room 325 of the McElhinney Building to complete an I-9.

4. If the employee is a foreign national, then the employee must complete a Foreign National Tax Information Package ( Scan and attach the entire tax package, with copies of requested documents, to the ePAR and name it “Foreign National Tax Info.”

5. If the employee doesn’t have a social security number, then they must have a receipt letter from the Social Security Administration, scan and attach this letter to the ePAR and name it “Social Appl Receipt.”

6. All new employees must complete the three page Personal Data Sheet ( Scan and attach all three pages to the ePAR and name it “Personal Data Sheet - PDS.”

7. Do not combine the documents listed above into a single attachment. Foreign National paperwork and Personal Data go to different offices for processing..
8. Attachments should only be in Adobe PDF format.

9. Refer to the New Hire Checklist ( for more information.

10. The minimum hourly wage is $7.25 per hour, and the minimum monthly wage for staff jobs is $1971.66, regardless of FTE. The minimum wage for graduate students is $628.34 for 50% FTE to be eligible for the GATF. (The $628.34 minimum can be adjusted for FTE, i.e. $314.17 for 25% FTE.)

If you are responsible for preparing personnel transactions and you have not attended ePAR training, please check the HR training webpage ( to view class dates and times and to register for ePAR training.