Administration and Finance Focus



Departments should complete the following tasks during August to prepare themselves for the end of the fiscal year:

1. Run queries to identify transactions not fully processed during FY09 (enter dates 09/01/08 to 08/31/09 in the queries):

UHS_WF_AP_NOT_POSTED (regular vouchers not posted)
UHS_WF_BUD_NOT_POSTED (budget journals not posted)
UHS_WF_GL_NOT_POSTED (GL journals not posted)
UHS_WF_REQ_NOT_APPROVED (requisitions not approved)
UHS_WF_SC_NOT_POSTED (SC vouchers not posted)

Delete all transactions that will not be processed before the FY09 deadline.

2. Run the UHS_OPEN_COMMITMENTS_DETAIL query to identify all PO encumbrances on your cost centers. (Non-PO encumbrances such as payroll, phone, and postage will be released by Finance.)

Release any PO encumbrances that will not be used following the PO Finalize Instructions on the Finance References page (under Cost Center Verification Toolkit).

3. Run the following queries to identify P-Card and Travel Card liability balances on your cost centers (also included in the monthly spreadsheets sent by AP to College/Division Administrators):


Submit GL journals in period 12 and/or period 998 to make these liability balances zero on each cost center.

4. Run the Payroll Suspense Report and clear any payroll found to the correct cost center.

5. Run the 1060, 1070, or 1016 reports for your cost centers to identify deficit fund equity balances (i.e., positive balances). (Finance also sends a report, subtotaled by fund group and DeptID, to College/Division Administrators.)

Transfer expenses, revenue, or fund equity, where allowed, in period 12 and/or 998 to make the fund equity balances either zero or a negative amount.

The combined fund equity of cost centers in a fund group (1xxx, 2xxx, etc.) for a particular DeptID should be either zero or a negative amount at the end of the fiscal year. The only exception is fund 5 cost centers where the timing of funding creates a temporary deficit balance. Also, individual fund 9 cost centers should never have a deficit (positive) balance at any time during the fiscal year.