Student Spotlight

Camiron Craddieth

Camiron Craddieth

Camiron Craddieth knows a lot of faces around campus.

As a student worker in the Cougar Card office, he's literally taken thousands of photos of students and staff. He's also helped process hundreds more that have been submitted online.

It's a part-time job the junior broadcasting major has held for three years.

"I really like this job. It's a lot of fun," he said.

Taking photos for the university's multi-purpose identification card is just part of what he does in the Cougar Card office, which is located in Suite 151 the Welcome Center Parking Garage. He also answers questions about other services, helps office staff, answers the phone and responds to emails.

Originally from the East Texas town of Crockett, he decided to attend the University of Houston after taking a tour of campus and falling in love with it. In addition, he wanted to go to school in a big city, and he has numerous family members who live in Houston.

He's had his eyes set on a broadcasting career - either in radio or television - ever since he was in middle school and spent several hours at a radio station as part of a job shadowing program.

"My hope is for one day to have my own radio show or television hosting gig," Craddieth said.

He's hoping to land an internship this summer that would allow him to accrue some valuable experience.

In addition to his studies and student worker position, he keeps busy with the UH chapter of the NAACP. For the past two semesters, he's served as its education chair, which includes outreach efforts to youths living in the Third Ward and surrounding neighborhoods.

"We let them know that there are great opportunities for them, no matter what their background may be or what situation they may be in. They can excel," he said. "I take the position very seriously and try to put a fun twist on it."

Recently, the chapter hosted a hip-hop and education event on campus where they talked about the different effects of music on education. They have also held tablings in area schools and offer mentoring and tutoring programs.

Craddieth says his favorite part of attending UH is its diversity.

"I remember my first day on campus and I saw so many different people from so many different cultures and I was like, 'Wow, this is what the world is made of,'" he said. "There's so many opportunities here to learn about many different things about people from so many different parts of the world."