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UH community invited to give input on new campus districts, signs

Changes are being recommended to ease how the community navigates the University of Houston campus. A recommended plan has been developed by designLAB and is being presented in public forums to community stakeholders and can be viewed online. One of those forums was during the April 4 meeting of the Staff Council (see photo gallery above)

The project, which is being spearheaded by designLAB staff in the College of Architecture, breaks down the campus into seven districts, each with a specific color assigned to identify it. Examples of tentative colors include teal for the arts district, green for the Energy Research Park, magenta for the residential district and red for the athletics district. The districts and their colors will be included in the new campus signs, which will be simplified to make it easier for people to read.

“We have done an analysis of all the signs on campus – where they are, what they say – and one of the key things we learned is there is too much information on all the signs,” said School of Architecture Dean Patricia Oliver, who serves as designLAB director.

The recommended plan, if adopted by the community, calls for new signs to be installed gradually over the next several years. The first are expected to go up in the fall of 2014 in the arts district. The signs are designed to be readable from all four directions and the signage family includes pedestrian signage, parking signage and vehicular signs, which direct individuals to the districts. They will have replaceable panels that can be changed out when building names change or new facilities are constructed.

Presentations have been scheduled for the month of April and those interested in learning more about the plan can view the proposed plan on the Campus Facilities and Planning Committee web site.