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NEXTBUS Launches to Enhance UH Shuttle Service

NextBus, a new service for UH shuttles offers real-time arrival predictions which enable the community to know the exact time their desired bus will arrive at their stop.

Instead of posting static time schedules, which are inevitably altered by varying traffic congestion, numbers of riders entering or exiting buses and other external factors, NextBus offers real-time predictions of the buses’ arrivals.

“Having real-time arrival times at their finger tips will empower our passengers and improve their ridership experience,” said Bob Browand, Director of Parking and Transportation.

This live feed, which utilizes GPS satellites and intricate computer technology, is updated regularly. Riders can access this information from the comfort of their own home or even at the stop itself by using the web, internet-enabled wireless phones and PDAs, or cell phones.

To find out the next three arrival times of buses at a particular stop, commuters need only select the desired route and stop from the drop down menu on the UH NextBus page. Three live-time predictions will automatically display, with a message such as, “Next vehicles for route Robertson Line – Red Route in: 1 minute… 2 minutes…9 minutes”.

Even if internet service is not available, riders can receive NextBus information using cell phones, with a brief phone call or even a text message.

By calling 832-308-3116, riders can select the number of their stop to receive the estimated arrival times for the next 2 buses. Stop numbers are provided at the following link:

Riders can also obtain arrival predictions by sending an SMS text message to the number 41411, and can even request a text alert to be sent to their phone when their desired bus is a specified number of minutes (between 0 and 30) away from the stop.

Links are also provided on the NextBus page for the bus schedule, a Google map, and a live map to show the routes.

UH encourages riders to swipe their Cougar ID cards when entering the buses, as this will provide ridership tracking information which is essential to improving this service over time. Commuters should be aware that no charge is taken with this swipe.

“The array of management reports available will help us optimize our transit operations and provide improved customer service to our passengers,” said Browand.

As expressed on their site, “NextBus overcomes the single greatest barrier to the use of mass transit — unnecessary waiting.” Now, commuters can know for sure whether they have time to run errands in a local store, finish composing an e-mail, or grab a cup of coffee without missing their ride.

UH hopes that students, faculty and staff will take advantage of this revolutionary service for the tremendous ease and convenience it offers commuters on campus.

Visit for more information about campus transportation and NextBus links.