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FM Rolls Out Project Delivery Evaluation Process

Facilities Management (FM) has made significant strides since early 2010 in the establishment of a Project Delivery Program for Minor Construction and Renovation Projects. In an effort to continuously improve the program model and measure performance, FM is moving forward to implement an additional program element that will include: vendor, planning and customer evaluations for completed projects. This will provide a means to evaluate minor and planned projects on campus. A future program element will be added which will also evaluate major construction projects, and it is anticipated for roll out by Facilities Planning and Construction in mid-April 2012.

Facilities Management will initiate surveys with customers once a project is complete. Incorporating customer feedback into the project delivery process is an important part in evaluating all members of the project team as well as establishing benchmarks and managing overall program and vendor performance. The feedback received from the evaluation will also serve as a baseline for continued process and project improvements and annual training improvements.

Executive Director Melissa Rockwell-Hopkins stated that “Evaluating our performance is an essential component of our ultimate goal which is to become the benchmark for campus project delivery. To do this we need to ensure that we provide timely, competitive and quality project services, as well as measure and report on our progress.”

Other improvements previously made to this program will be featured in the Plant Operations Spring Newsletter and can also be accessed online.

Continued Program Improvement: Facilities Management and Facilities Planning and Construction will each complete a published, annual report this year encompassing all projects completed, deferred maintenance addressed, program improvements completed, survey results and new program improvement targets and resulting actions from the feedback received.

The evaluation forms and process documentation can be found under the Plant Operations Project Delivery webpage.

For questions related to this new program element, please contact Melissa Rockwell-Hopkins, Executive Director of Facilities Management, at 713-743-8750 or