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Office Supply Vendor

UH departments should purchase all office supplies from Today’s Business Solutions. Today’s is the only vendor that UH currently contracts with because Today’s provides the lowest consistent discounts on office supplies across the board.

By contract, Today’s prices can only change once a year on July 1, except for paper and toner, which are reviewed quarterly. Therefore, you know that you will pay the same low price month after month, while other vendors might have a sale one week and raise their prices the next week. Today’s sells over 11,000 items at discounts ranging from 18% to 48% off list price depending on the product category.

In addition, Today’s further discounted (40-80% off list price) the office supplies most frequently purchased by UH departments (currently 483 items) called “Coog’s Top Picks.”

Also, Hewlett Packard has extended “HP Big Deal Discounts” (39-55% off list price) to UH through Today’s on the most frequently purchased HP toner and ink (17 items). HP Big Deal Discounts are only available through Today’s. You cannot get them from any other vendor, including Hewlett Packard directly.

See the Purchasing page for a list of Coog’s Top Picks, HP Big Deal Discounts, and a link to the Today’s website for ordering:

Departments should pay Today’s with their P-Card, if they have one. If they don’t, they can pay with a voucher. Please use the Today’s packing slip that comes with the order for your P-Card or voucher backup, since it includes the invoice number and amount. It is not necessary to request an invoice from Today’s if you have their packing slip. For all other vendors, you must obtain an invoice for voucher payments or a receipt with dollar amount for P-Card payments.

If you have any questions about how to place orders with Today’s Business Solutions, please contact Stephanie Pulido at or 713-861-8508.