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Student Spotlight - Andrew Elizaga


UH student Andrew Elizaga is all about recycling. The second year Philosophy graduate student is the newest member of the UH recycling team working on the collection and sorting of the Universityís recyclables.
How did you find out about the recycling collection student position?
I'm part of the Environmental Club and it was through an announcement made that I found out about it.
What attracted you to apply for the job?
Itís hands-on and environmentally friendly. People talk about recycling, but physically doing it is different. You are actually here seeing the reality of recycling on a college campus.
What do you think about the University's recycling and sustainable efforts?
Iím pleased with the paper and cardboard recycling program. And there have been improvements in aluminum and plastics with the installation of the black outdoor recycle bin across campus, but there is still no glass recycling. As for sustainability, some progress is being made on energy efficiency through the use of energy-efficient light bulbs. The campus also has improved food management in the dining halls which contributes a portion of its food waste to the campus compost heap. Additionally, the new produce garden planted in Lynn Eusan Park is a great help in reducing the campusí carbon foot print.
Describe the work you are doing.
I pick up plastic, aluminum and card board on campus, transport it to the UH Recycling department, sort the material and bale it. I also take extra effort in picking up and properly disposing of any materials (paper, plastic, aluminum and other metals) lying around unnoticed in the area where I separate and bale.

How do you like it?
It's alright. The work is hands-on but dirty and smelly sometimes. On a positive note, I feel like Iím making a difference to campus recycling, since I go beyond my position requirements in picking up the relevant materials wherever and whenever I find them.
Do you have a recycling message for the campus?
One thing that stands out is that I see some employees discarding items in trash bins that can be recycled. People need to be more aware of what they are throwing away. People shouldnít throw trash in the recycle bins. If they are unsure if what they are disposing of is trash or recyclable, they should see proper information from our department.
For more information on the University of Houston recycling program, click here.