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Kedra Carr – Groundskeeper 1, Plant Operations
By Cydney Rax, Plant Operations Department

Kedra Carr started working at UH in the grounds department in May 2008. As groundskeeper, her daily duties consist of maintaining the lawns of the entire campus and making sure the grounds look neat and attractive. Her workday begins bright and early. “At six in the morning we gas up, grease the machines, and check the oil. But by six-fifteen, we’re out the door and keep at it until it’s time for lunch or break.”

Kedra loves being outdoors and feels a groundskeeping job is an enjoyable occupation for anyone who prefers to be outside. As far as what she likes most about her work, she said, “There’s always something to do, it’s never boring. The work maintains my attention and keeps me focused.” Her department is accustomed to performing duties in all kinds of weather and provides employees with jackets and coats to deal with the elements. “There’s really no excuse [not to be out working] unless it’s thundering and lightning.”

As far as what is her greatest work challenge, Kedra said she has to pay strict attention to what she’s doing because anything can happen. “You have to make sure and not damage [or run into] anything like equipment, UH property, or students. When we mow, we can’t control what’s underneath the Kubota machine, so we must be careful.”

In addition, Kedra said she must take care to maintain the most important areas of campus such as Entrance 14, outside Ezekiel Cullen, and the area surrounding Optometry and the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center.

When she’s not at work, Kedra enjoys bowling and track and field. As a matter of fact, she spends time training her nieces and nephews through Track Houston, which is a summer track team. Whether she’s at work, or at play, it sounds as if Kedra truly loves the outdoors.