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Three director positions filled


By Destinie Holiday

Three director positions have been filled in Facilities Services. The new appointees are not new to Facilities or the responsibilities that come with their new title, having considerable years of experience in the department.

Liliana Simmonds is the new director of Campus Facilities Services. She has been working for the University of Houston for eight years. Through the years, she has worked under different titles such as supervisor of Custodial Services, area supervisor (South Zone), Facilities supervisor inspector, contract coordinator and manager of Custodial Services.

She has done a wonderful job as a house custodian, programs management supervisor and as a member of the inspections team. Many tasks required her to serve with the Lock Shop and be part of Moves and Events. She has been a valuable member to the team and an asset to UH Facilities.

Mike Wheeler is the director of Facilities Operations. Wheeler first started working for UH in 2012. Over the past six years, he has been assigned the titles of senior project manager and interim director.

His tasks included overseeing all of the technical services, electrical, HVAC, BMS, lab services, fire alarm, and the work of the three power plants. Additionally, he has worked on the utilities and infrastructure of the campus related to the water systems, electric and natural gas.

Jerry Bogna is director of Facilities Maintenance. In March, Bogna completed six years of service to the University.

He has been a general contractor for 20 years, a construction company owner, a manager of other construction companies, and public works supervisor. While at UH, he has been a senior project manager, interim executive director and interim maintenance director, and has been in charge of general maintenance and preventive maintenance campuswide.

He looks forward to contribute to “the vision of our new AVP and ED to move Facilities Maintenance to an even higher level of service, value and professionalism.” He currently directs Corrective Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance.