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Student meal plans for fall semester now available to purchase

By Richard Zagrzecki


Student meal plans for the 2018-2019 academic year are now available for purchase.

The number and type of meal plans available to residential and commuter students has changed for the upcoming year, based on student input and feedback. In addition, some of the existing plans were tweaked.

Students who will be living in Cougar Village I, Cougar Village II, Moody Towers and Cougar Place are required to have a meal plan. Four unlimited plans are available to them for the coming year, no matter what classification they are.

Three of those plans – the Platinum, Gold and Silver – provide unlimited access to the Moody Towers and Cougar Woods dining commons seven days a week. The Bronze plan, which is a new addition, allows unlimited access Monday through Friday.

In addition, juniors and above living in those same communities have a fifth plan available to them: the Cougar Choice 150.

Mandatory plans

  • 24/7 Platinum (includes $500 Cougar Cash, one meal exchange per day and 30 day passes)
  • 24/7 Gold ($300 Cougar Cash, one meal exchange per day and 10 day passes)
  • 24/7 Silver ($150 Cougar Cash, three meal exchanges per week and five day passes)
  • 24/5 Bronze ($150 Cougar Cash, one meal exchange per week and zero day passes)
  • Cougar Choice 150 (150 meal swipes per semester, $600 Cougar Cash, zero meal exchanges and zero day passes) (Only available to juniors and above)

Voluntary plans

  • Block 50 (includes 50 meal swipes and $100 Cougar Cash)
  • Block 100 (100 meal swipes and $250 Cougar Cash)
  • Cougar Cash plans (available in four sizes: $250, $500, $1,200 and $1,650)

Students of all classifications who do not live in one of the four mandatory on-campus residential communities are eligible to purchase any of the mandatory or voluntary plans, except for the Cougar Choice 150, which is limited to juniors and above.

Choosing a plan

To select a plan for the upcoming fall semester, students need to sign in to AccessUH with their myUH ID and password, then follow these steps:

1. Select the Cougar Card icon

2. Click on the “Meal Plan” drop down tab

3. Select the “Buy Meal Plan” option from the menu

4. Select the appropriate semester (Fall 2018)

5. Choose a meal plan

6. View the meal plan terms and conditions

7. Check box to accept the meal plan terms and conditions

8. Click “Buy”

9. Click “OK”

For more information about the meal plans, including prices, visit the meal plan page on the UH Dining website.