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Teriyaki chicken now available at Panda Express

By Abigail Nivens

Teriyaki chicken now available at Panda Express

University of Houston Dining Services announces the arrival of Panda Express’ top-selling teriyaki chicken at the Student Center location.

The chicken is grilled to perfection and topped with a sweet teriyaki sauce. For years, this has been one of Panda Express’ top-selling items across the nation. It is also the highest protein option available at the UH location.

UH Dining’s registered dietitian, Danielle McFeron recommends pairing the chicken with mixed vegetables. This combination adds up to 40 grams of protein and has only eight grams of sugar.

“The calorie breakdown shows that it is high in protein and low in sugar content.” said McFeron. “Added sugar is something everyone should avoid, making this a great option to try.”

Panda Express’ hours of operation are available online.

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