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Meet the people behind the faces at the E. Cullen lobby desk

By Cindy Granier

meet the people behind the faces

Have you walked through the E. Cullen building and wondered what is different about the person sitting at the desk on the first floor in the lobby area? Have you wondered what happened to the security officer who used to work there?

Well, Michale Brooks is still there working as she has been for the past six months. However, her title recently has changed. In October, she began her employment at the University of Houston working as a security officer. During the month of March, she returned her department-issued security officer uniform when she transferred to the receptionist position.

Although Brooks is still working for the UH Department of Public Safety, her title has changed to receptionist. She has become a good fit for this position. She enjoys talking to the staff who work in the building and the guests who visit E. Cullen.

The UH community will find her Monday through Friday sitting behind the desk in the E. Cullen lobby assisting guests who come to visit with other staff members who have offices located in the building.

Additionally, two receptionist assistants recently began working in the E. Cullen lobby. Student workers Yazmin Gonzalez and Tiana Evans coordinate their different shifts in-between their class schedules weekdays at the front desk. Although they both have had previous work experience, this is their first UH position.