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Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Statistics

UH/UHSA departments with 90% HUB use or higher that spent at least $100 in March 2015

Dept College/Division Department HUB Use Total Expended
H0611 Administration and Finance PUBLIC SAFETY SYSTEMS 100.00% 19,380.52
H0423 Technology CENTER FOR TECHNOLOGY LITERACY 100.00% 863.39
H0556 Business Administration BAUER EXTERNAL RELATIONS DEPT 100.00% 591.95
H0471 Student Affairs STU COMMUNICATION & MARKETING 100.00% 573.44
H0098 Law Center DEAN, LAW 100.00% 489.73
H0204 Administration and Finance UIT SECURITY 99.65% 119,787.06
H0192 Administration and Finance MINOR IN-HOUSE CONSTRUCTION 98.60% 13,736.00
H0477 Law Center ASSOCIATE DEAN, LAW 97.91% 440.78
H0570 Academic Affairs ACAD AFFAIRS FINANCE & ADMIN 97.68% 241.54
H0699 Administration and Finance SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT 92.26% 141,209.32
H0559 Technology CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT 92.10% 1,353.05
H0428 Liberal Arts and Social Sciences AEROSPACE STUDIES 91.75% 1,529.48

The above percentages include HUB-eligible voucher and P-Card payments. However, HUB subcontractor payments are not included in the monthly HUB statistics but are included in the semi-annual and annual HUB reports.

HUB reports by college/division and department are posted on the web at:

Please call Maya Thornton at x38269 or Jack Tenner at x35671 if you need help finding a HUB vendor.

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