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How Do I Know If A Course Is Sustainable?
The goal of sustainability education is to provide students, regardless of their courses of study, the tools and skills with which they can make decisions in their personal lives and careers that will help create a healthy economy, society, and environment.

In order to determine whether or not a course has this goal in mind, it is useful to ask whether or not a given course will help students to achieve one or more of the following.

• Understand and be able to effectively communicate the concept of sustainability.

• Develop and use an ethical perspective in which they view themselves as embedded in the fabric of an interconnected world.

• Become aware of and explore the connections between their chosen course of study and sustainability.

• Develop technical skills or expertise necessary to implement sustainable solutions.

• Understand the way in which sustainable thinking and decision-making contributes to the process of creating solutions for current and emerging social, environmental, and economic crises.

• Contribute practical solutions to real-world sustainability challenges.

• Synthesize understanding of social, economic, and environmental systems and reason holistically.

A course does not have to accomplish all of these things to be designated as sustainability-related or sustainability-focused.


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