Conducting research is a major function of the University of Houston. By researching sustainability issues, the University can continue to help the world understand sustainability challenges and develop new technologies, strategies, and approaches to address those challenges.

Sustainability research focuses on a key principle of sustainability (such as social equity or environmental stewardship); addresses a sustainability challenge (such as climate change or poverty); or furthers our understanding of the interconnectedness of societal and environmental challenges. Sustainability research leads toward solutions that support economic prosperity, social wellbeing, and ecological health.

Sustainability Research Inventory Form
We are creating an inventory of Sustainability Research because sustainability research can serve as a valuable first step in identifying strengths and areas for development. Likewise, since sustainability requires collaboration that transcends traditional disciplines, conducting an inventory can help connect individuals, laboratories, research centers, and other campus community members with a shared interest in sustainability. Conducting a research inventory also establishes a baseline for measuring future progress.  

Additional Information
Sustainability Research Topics
Center for Advanced Materials
Clean Engine Technology
Community Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions Experiments
Environmental History
Environmental Institute of Houston
Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science
Fuel Cells
Lone Star Wind Alliance
Summit Halogen HOX Experiment Blog
Sustainable Design
UH Carbon Footprint
UH Carbon Footprint 2008-2009
UH Carbon Footprint 2009-2010
UH Carbon Footprint Calculator


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