Commuting to the University of Houston can save you thousands of dollars a year and reduces your carbon footprint. Commuting to UH with the environment in mind can be done a number of ways. You can ride your bike, rent a Connect car by Hertz, car pool or use mass transit.

One-on-one Green Commuting Counseling
The Green Commuting Doctor is IN!

Do you need commuting advice?
The Green Commuting Doctor is here to listen to your commuting needs and make a "Green Commuting Diagnosis."


1. How do you currently commute to UH?
Single-passenger car
Van pool

2. How many and which days each week do you commute?

3. Where are you commuting from?

4. Do you have to leave campus and return to campus during the day?
Yes   No

If yes, please explain

5. What times of the day are you commuting to campus?

6. Is your schedule flexible?
Yes   No

7. Do you like driving or would you rather read a book, work on assignments, instead of driving to campus?


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