The UH Advisory Committee on Human Resources is charged with providing the Vice President for Administration and Finance and the chief human resources administrator     with advice and opinions on topics related to Human Resources issues and procedures.


Joan M. Nelson: 713.743.2603


HR Advisory Department Phone E-mail
Stephen Bangerter Advancement 713.743.8132
Dorothy Barrera Engineering 713.743.4206
Jennifer Bloom General Counsel 713.743.9163
Nicole Broyles IT 832.842.4734
Sarah Castillo Faculty Affairs 713.743.9168
Sabrina Hassumani Acad Budget & Admin 713.743.2755
Selesta Hodge Research Services 713.74.9202
Ruby Haroon College of Business 713.743.4612  
Carla Ponzio Payroll 713.743.8766
Fred McGhee NSM 713.743.8631
Patricia Sayles A&F Business Services 713.743.8761
Andrea Short CLASS 713.743.2988