Office of Sustainability to Host Third Annual Electronics Recycling Drive

Do you have an old desktop computer or DVD player collecting dust in a closet? Is your outdated cell phone or tablet just an expensive paperweight? Donate them and other out-of-date, unused electronics at the University of Houston Office of Sustainability’s third annual electronics recycling drive.

The drive, being held in conjunction with Bass Computer Recycling, will take place from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday, Feb. 24, at the Student Center South Circle Drive. The Office of Sustainability is hosting the event as part of the national RecycleMania competition. Students, faculty, staff and supporters who plan to donate items can go online and print a flier to place on their car windshields to let traffic control volunteers know they are there to drop off electronics equipment.

Items that will be accepted at the electronics recycling drive include mainframes, cable/wire, phones, networking equipment, testing equipment, VCR/DVD players, computers, circuit boards, scanners servers, drivers, monitors, printers, cell phones, power strips and fax machines. Here is a full list of acceptable materials.

Things that will not be accepted include televisions, refrigerators, wood, paper, non-computer plastics, hazardous materials, household appliances, larger copiers and ferrous materials. No University of Houston-owned property will be accepted.

All electronics equipment donated to the drive will be processed by Bass Computer Recycling, a R2 certified recycler with more than two decades of experience. Bass Computer Recycling will clean, test and refurbish the equipment for resale. Any equipment not fit for resale will be deconstructed for sorting and recycling.

RecycleMania is a national competition that seeks to empower and mobilize colleges and universities to benchmark and improve efforts to reduce or eliminate waste. This year, UH is competing in Race to Zero Waste, a new category for 2017, and the E-cycleMania category. The electronics recycling drive is the third of four events in February as part of the competition. The final event will be a sustainability meetup on Tuesday, Feb. 28.

The UH community can view UH’s results and final rankings in the competition on the national RecycleMania website.