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Helpful Mailing Hints for Students

Please give out the following information for your campus mailing address: your registered (full given name) no nicknames; name of your residence hall and your personal mailbox number (PMB); street address; and city, state and zip+4.

Check your mailbox frequently so that it does not overflow. If you subscribe to a newspaper or other daily publication, this is extremely important. We throw away outdated copies to make room for mail and new copies.

If you get something in your box not addressed to you or that does not belong to you, DO NOT OPEN IT! Drop it in the outgoing mail so that it can be delivered to the correct person.

You can begin shipping packages to your campus address one week before school starts.

NEVER REQUEST THAT CASH BE SENT TO YOU. UH Postal Services is not responsible for cash sent through USPS mail or any overnight service.

Please allow enough time for letters/packages to arrive after ordering.

Accountable items have assigned tracking numbers on the incoming letter/package. UH Postal Services logs in all accountable items and obtains your signature upon delivery.

DHL, UPS and FedEx automatically assign each piece a unique tracking number.

There are package distribution rooms in each residence hall. You will receive an email notification from UH Postal Services via your UH email address each time you receive an incoming package with a tracking number or when an item is too large to fit in your box. Hours for each package distribution room are posted in each residence hall.

You will be required to present your Cougar Card when picking up all incoming packages. No one can pick up these packages for you.

If you are looking for a package, please provide the following information: the tracking number; carrier used; or some type of specific information about the package. If your parents mailed the item to you, obtain all of this information from them and then contact UH Postal Services for assistance in locating the item. Do not have your parents contact UH Postal Services on your behalf. You are our customer and we need to talk to each other to make things work for you. Call us at 713-743-5829 or email at

Be sure items coming for you have your registered (full given) name and PMB number on the item (example: cell phones may be in your parent’s name, and if the phone company issues a replacement phone, it may come in the account holders/parent’s name). You are responsible for reminding your parents that the vendor must put the item in your name.

More information about student mail can be found on our student mail guide at Student Mail Guide.