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Campus Parking on Game Day

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The 2017 FOOTBALL Season has Arrived

The nationally ranked Cougars are drawing more crowds than ever and while all of this attention is great for the team and the University as a whole, the influx of visitors will present some challenges to individuals, including faculty, staff and students traveling to and parking on campus during these games, especially the weeknight game scheduled for Thursday, October 19.

Important information regarding the impact these games will have on the parking lots, garages and streets on campus on this site. Please read it carefully and use it to help you adjust your plans and make game days run as smoothly as possible. Start planning now to lessen the impact it will have on you.

2017 Home game schedule

  • Saturday, Sept. 16 - 7 p.m. (vs. Rice)
  • Saturday, Sept. 23 - TBA (vs. Texas Tech)
  • Saturday, Oct. 7 - TBA (vs. SMU)
  • Thursday, Oct. 19 - 7 p.m. (vs. Memphis)*
  • Saturday, Oct. 28 - TBA (vs. East Carolina)
  • Saturday, Nov. 24 - TBA (vs. Navy)

    *Please note that the game scheduled on Oct. 19 is expected to present the biggest parking and transportation challenge, as it takes place on a Thursday

If you are a Cougar football fan who is looking for information on where to park on game day, please visit this website.

Campus parking plan for Thursday Games

Updated Friday, June 23

Mobility and parking on campus will be extremely impacted and congested on Thursday, Oct. 19. On this date, thousands of Cougar football fans will flood UH while thousands of faculty, staff and students are reporting to campus for work and class.

**Updates coming soon!**

Alternative Options

To avoid the anticipated campus congestion, faculty, staff and students are strongly encouraged to do one of the following, instead of parking on campus as usual.

Park @ ERP - Your BEST option for campus parking after 4 P.M.

All parkers with a valid UH permit will be permitted to park in these lots free of charge all day, so members of the campus community are strongly encouraged to park here.

Shuttles will take people to and from the main campus, which is only a mile away.

If you do not know where the ERP is located, click here to view a map and here for directions.

PLEASE NOTE, these lots are expected to reach capacity during peak times on Thursday.

Ride METRORail for Free 

Students, faculty and staff with a valid Cougar Card ID will be permitted to ride the METRORail for free on HOME football game days.  METRO buses provide another option; however, riders will be responsible for their fare.

 METRORail riders are encourage to park at one of the following three locations, although space is limited.

  • Northline Transit Center - 7813 Fulton St. - No charge
  • Palm Center  - 5300 Griggs Rd. - No charge
  • South Fannin - 1505 W. Bellfort Ave. - $3 METRO parking fee
Please use this map to choose which location is best for you.

Carpool to campus

In an effort to decrease the number of vehicles traveling to and parking on campus, all Coogs are strongly encouraged to carpool to campus with each other.

 If you are a Cougar football fan who is looking for information on where to park on game day, please visit this website.

Updated Firday, June 23

Parking plan for Saturday Games

If you are a Cougar football fan who is looking for information on where to park on game day, please visit this website.

Stadium Parking Garage

**Updates coming soon!**

East, Welcome Center and Welcome Center Student Parking Garages

**Updates coming soon!**

Surface parking lots

**Updates coming soon!**

Cullen Boulevard closure

Cullen Boulevard's northbound and southbound lanes will be closed to all vehicular traffic from Holman Street to Cougar Place at 6 a.m. Saturday and will re-open an hour after the game is over.  Access to Entrance 14 will remain available for emergency vehicles and necessary deliveries.  

Tips for students who need to get to class on game days

  1. Arrive earlier than on a regular class day.
  2. Become familiar with the game day map prior to coming to class on a game day.
  3. Enter campus through Spur 5.