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By: Bob Browand

The fall semester is about to start and we wanted to share a quick guide.

Use the checklist below to make sure you are prepared for your campus commute: 

permits required at all times


  • Must have a permit or other transportation plan

At this time, the parking permits remaining for purchase are Remote Campus, Evening/Weekend and motorcycle permits.

If you plan to park on campus and haven’t purchased a permit yet, we recommend purchasing one of these available permits as soon as possible through your myParking Account in AccessUH.

coast deals

We’re in the process of prepping permits to be delivered through mail. We will be emailing everyone who purchased a permit with details about when to expect their permit and next steps


Or instead of purchasing a permit, let Parking and Transportation pay for your METRO fare by joining COAST. We also have a limited number of permits left for COAST carpools, which would allow a carpool of three or more people to park in one of the garages at a discounted rate. Visit the COAST site for details.


  • Update your license plate information in AccessUH 

We’re now utilizing license plate enforcement to check vehicles for permits and ensure that they are parked in the correct location. It’s important that you make sure your license plate information in your myParking Account through AccessUH is up to date at all times.

Although we’re using license plate enforcement, properly displayed permits are still required to park on campus at all times.  

  • Know your route

View the parking map for your parking location and know your routes into campus. The first couple of weeks are hectic and campus experiences heavy traffic during that time. Be sure to allow extra time in your commute until things calm down. Also be aware of the construction impacts on and around campus.

We recommend bookmarking the Campus Parking Map for reference of parking locations as well as our Traffic Alerts page.

  • Use campus shuttles

We encourage you to take advantage of our Cougar Line Shuttles to make traveling across campus easier!

This year we have several new routes to accommodate zone parking and an improved shuttle tracking system so you can see when the next shuttle will arrive.

Learn more on our Cougar Line Shuttles page.

  • Avoid citations

We want to help you avoid getting a citation on campus.parking tips

First of all, we want to stress that valid permits are required at all times to park on campus, including the first day of class. Those without a valid permit must use paid visitor parking.

Below we have listed several tips to avoid common parking violations that people make. However, please review our Rules and Regulations page for more comprehensive information.

  1. Faculty/staff cannot park in student lots before 4 p.m. Monday-Friday
  2. No free parking on campus at any time, you must pay for visitor spaces
  3. Do not park in a loading zone for more than 20 minutes
  4. Your permit must be properly displayed and visible, even with license plate enforcement
  5. Parking in the wrong zone is a towable offense


Keep an eye out for us the first week of classes! Volunteers will be located throughout campus lots helping guide parkers to their correct parking area.

If you ever have any questions, please reach out to us at by calling 832-842-1097 or by messaging us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

posted: Thursday, August 9, 2018