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We are excited to bring an improved gated lot experience to campus! 

We're transitioning gated lots to a new T2 entry system that will use swipeable hanging permits (and toll tags for hands-free entry) instead of the old ProxCards. 

During this conversion process the gated lots will remain open and accessible to authorized parkers but gate entry may be reduced to one lane. 

The new entry system will require users to swipe their permit as they enter and exit the parking lot. 


Construction begins on the first lots in January 2018 and is expected to be completed by the end of the spring semester. 

Before construction and software changeover begins on each lot's entrance gate, some construction will be done to each lot's exit gate. 

We will notify permit holders via email prior to construction beginning on their specific lot, along with more information about the new entry process. Those with access to multiple lots should save this page and check back throughout the project for status updates. 


This upgrade will bring several benefits, including:

  • Hands-free gate entry using EZ TAG
  • Data about lot usage PTS can use to better manage waitlist assignments and lot availability
  • Eliminates the need to carry a separate access card
  • Improved entry system that will keep lots from being used by unauthorized parkers

Hands-Free Entry 

Users will have the option to register their EZ TAG or other toll tag with us in order to have hands-free entry to gated lots. 

To register for hands-free entry, please email your EZ TAG and PeopleSoft numbers to

Lots Completed

Once construction on a particular lot ends, we will email users of that lot to notify them that the conversion is complete. At that time users will enter and exit the gated lot by swiping their hanging permit and they may dispose of their ProxCard or bring it to one of our offices to be recycled.

We will update this section throughout the project to notify users which lots have been converted to the new system.  



All Gated Lots Work is being done on the exit gates of all gated lots prior to the software changeover and construction on the entrance gates. This will allow us to complete the project more efficiently and will not affect how permit holders enter their gate.
Lot 1B Completed
Lot 1E Completed
Lot 19E Completed
Lot 15H Completed
Lot 19B Completed
Lot 6B Completed
Lot 16C In Progress
Lot 17B In Progress
Lot 13A In Progress
Lot 1C Completed
Lot 1D Completed