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Cougar Card FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Cougar Card is the official ID card for all faculty, staff and students at the University of Houston. Your Cougar Card has multiple on-campus uses, from meal plan/Cougar Cash expenditures to printing expenditures in the campus computing labs.
You can come by the office in the Welcome Center Parking Garage, Suite 151, during regular hours of operation, which are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, or you may call 832-842-CARD (2273).
No, we do not mail out Cougar Cards. They must be picked up at the Cougar Card office.
You must present a valid form of government-issued photo ID to receive your Cougar Card. Acceptable forms of government-issued photo ID include a U.S. or foreign passport/visa, U.S. driver’s license, U.S. state- or federal-issued ID, U.S. military card or permanent resident card.
You will receive an email notification of successful transmittal, and then you will receive an additional email indicating whether your photo has been approved or denied.
Please allow seven to 10 business days from receipt of your approval email before coming to the Cougar Card office. Cougar Cards will be available for pick up at each individual new student conference or any time during our normal business hours.
You can start using your card as soon as it is printed.
A flex account is a University of Houston debit account. This account functions just like a traditional debit card but can only be used at on-campus locations. This account is placed on all Cougar Cards and only becomes active when money is deposited.
You can deposit money by using your credit card online at AccessUH. Once you log in to AccessUH, click on the Cougar Card icon and select “Flex Deposit” under the “My Account” tab.
Active enrollment, meal plans with Cougar Cash, Cougar Cash plans, flex accounts, campus printing accounts, library services and building access.
You can use your flex account in the Barnes & Noble campus bookstores, all campus convenience stores, all campus eating establishments, and campus computing labs.
Campus printing accounts are assigned to all actively enrolled students each semester for our general campus computing labs with a declining balance. Each lab’s allocation expires at the end of each term. The allocations are as follows: • MD Anderson Library - $7.50
Your Cougar Card can be used to access athletic and special events, the Campus Wellness and Recreation Center, and administrative or academic buildings, rooms, elevators and stairwells.
If you are having problems when trying to use your Cougar Card, please contact the Cougar Card office during regular business hours so that we can help determine what is wrong and find a solution.
Immediately report your Cougar Card as lost or stolen by logging in to AccessUH and selecting the Cougar Card icon. Under the “My Card” tab, select “Report Lost Card.” You can visit the Cougar Card office during regular business hours to replace your Cougar Card.
If you report your card lost/stolen after normal business hours and need your card privileges right away, you can request a temporary card by visiting UHPD. The temporary card expires the following business day, so be sure to visit the Cougar Card office as soon as it opens to receive your permanent Cougar Card replacement.
Yes, there is a $10 replacement fee for covering lost cards, updating photos, name changes, etc. This charge can be paid in the Cougar Card office with cash or credit at the time of re-issuance. The Cougar Card office accepts all major credit cards.
All of your account balances are transferred to your new Cougar Card.
You may go to AccessUH and select the Cougar Card icon, then click on “My Account” to view account balances on your Cougar Card.
Yes, Cougar Card account and Flex acccount expires within one year of no activity.
You can call the Cougar Card office at 832-842-CARD (2273), email us at, or you can visit our office in person at the Welcome Center Parking Garage, Suite 151, weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Please update your personal information in PeopleSoft. Replacement cards are issued after verification that personal information from PeopleSoft matches personal information in the Cougar Card System. There is no replacement fee if current card is given to the Cougar Card Office in exchange for the replacement card.
Yes, Cougar Cash account and Flex account expires within one year of no activity.
Cards no longer working due to damage from normal wear and tear or extended age that effects the usefulness or normal functions are considered as damage or worm. There is no replacement fee if the current card is given to the Cougar Card Office in exchange for the replacement card. If the damage is due to neglect or intentionally placing holes in the card, the cardholder will be charged the current replacement cost. You can visit the Cougar Card office during regular business hours to replace your Cougar Card.