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FFCo Room Reservation Process

Fresh Food Co. Private Dining/Conference Room Reservation Process

Purpose: To explain the process of making reservations for the Fresh Food Co. Private Dining and Conference Room.

Policy: The Fresh Food Co Conference Room (rm. 124) and Private Dining Room (rm. 125) are available to university departments and student organizations.

Reservation Request Policies and Procedures

  1. Request for use of the Fresh Food Co. Private Dining and Conference Room must be submitted online.
  2. Reservation requests for the private dining and conference room must be made at least ten(10) business days in advance.
    1. The department/organization will receive a confirmation for the reservation byan Auxiliary Services representative within 5 business days.
  3. The only charge associated with the use of these two rooms is the cost of a meal for eachparticipant.
  4. There are two payment options:
    1. If the organization requesting the reservation will be purchasing the meal for allparticipants, meal tickets can be purchased online.
    2. Each participant can pay for their own meal at the cash register.
  5. No outside food will be allowed. However, catering services can be arranged through UHDining Services. Please visit
  6. Audio-visual equipment is available for use. The department/organization must indicate onthe online request what equipment is needed. The group must provide their own laptopand connectivity cables.
  7. The department/organization is responsible for all the audio-visual equipment during thescheduled meeting time.
    1. The equipment may not be removed from the facility.
    2. If equipment is lost, stolen, or removed from its original location or displays damagedbeyond normal use, the department/organization will be responsible for repairing orreplacing equipment.
  8. The department/organization must leave the room in a clean condition.
    1. Participants must return their dishes to the dish return area.