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Catering Policies and Procedures

Student Event Catering Fund

Purpose: To describe procedures and controls for using UH Dining Services’ Student Event Catering in-kind services provided by Catering on Cullen.

Policy: The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) shall have the first right of approval or denial for all Catering on Cullen donation requests. UH Dining Services has committed to donating in-kind catering services to registered student organizations to support and promote student events and programs throughout the academic year.


  1. Student organizations requesting catering donations must be registered with CSI.
  2. A registered student organization may only be approved for one catering donation per semester. (Fall and Spring only)
  3. Donations will not exceed $400 per student organization per semester. The $400 allocation cannot be split among two or more requests; it may only be used for one request per semester.
  4. Requests will be approved on a first come first serve basis, and must follow these guidelines:
    1. Fee funded groups are not eligible for a donation.
    2. The donation must be made for a program or event. General organization meetings (including recruitment) will not be approved.
    3. The program/event that the catering donation is being requested for must be advertised and open to all students at the University of Houston.
    4. Donations will not be approved for programs/events where there is an admission charge/fee.
    5. Donations will not be applied toward any alcoholic beverages.
    6. The registered student organization receiving the donation must include the “Catering on Cullen” logo on all advertisements for the program/event.
    7. The program/event must take place at the University of Houston.
    8. All policies and procedures which are identified in the Catering on Cullen Catering Guide and the Student Catering Guide are applicable to these requests. Here are both catering guides.
  5. Catering on Cullen will begin accepting donation requests 15 business days prior to the beginning of each semester. (Fall and Spring only)
  6. After request is reviewed by Auxiliary Services, the primary contact for the student organization must follow up with Catering on Cullen to finalize request at least 10 business days prior to the scheduled event.

Student organizations that violate any of the above guidelines will be ineligible to receive donations for one full academic year.


  1. Student organizations must allow at least 15 business days prior to the day of the scheduled event for the donation request to be reviewed and processed.
  2. Student organizations must complete an event registration form with CSI prior to submitting a donation request.
  3. All student organizations must submit donation requests to CSI. Here is the Donation Request Form.
  4. CSI will verify whether or not the organization making the request is a registered student organization (RSO). If the organization is an RSO, their request will be forwarded to Auxiliary Services.
  5. An Auxiliary Services representative will review the request to ensure that the request meets all requirements in the above policy.
  6. Once the Auxiliary Services representative confirms the event is eligible for a donation, the representative will contact the student organization and give instructions on how to finalize their catering request with Catering on Cullen.
  7. A Catering on Cullen representative will provide the student organization with an agreement form that must be completed and signed by the student organization at least 10 business days prior to the scheduled event.