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Faculty Climate Survey

NOTE: This project has been reviewed by the University of Houston Institutional Review Board (713-743-9204).

Complete the Faculty Climate Survey

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At UH, we work to create an environment where all faculty and staff members are fully engaged and committed to our academic and research goals. Ultimately, we can maximize our impact on student lives and research outcomes if we continuously collect indicator data that informs us of ways to enhance faculty and staff members’ engagement with their work and UH.

Through the Center for ADVANCING Faculty Success (ADVANCE), we collect such data through our bi-annual Faculty Climate Survey. Dr. Alan Witt, Professor of Psychology, and Dr. Leanne Atwater, Professor of Management, head this project. The project has been reviewed by the Univerisity of Houston Institutional Review Board (713.743.9204). Response data will remain confidential. Only aggregate level data will be reported back, and the lowest unit of aggregation in this round of the survey will be the College level. Dr. Witt’s research team will be the only individuals who will have access to individual level data.


Professor of Management in the C.T. Bauer College of Business Leanne Atwater and Professor of Psychology in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Alan Witt. Photo courtesy of the C.T. Bauer College of Business

In February 2016, the ADVANCE social science research team administered a survey online to all tenured and tenure-track faculty members at the UH Main campus. The survey presented items about faculty perceptions of climate, fairness, equity, and related issues. A full copy of the findings from the 2016 UH ADVANCE Faculty Climate Survey can be found here:

2016 Faculty Climate Survey

The university has implemented a number of initiatives to address some of the aforementioned concerns raised by the survey, and has taken proactive steps to further the advancement of not only women and minority faculty members, but the campus community as a whole. In an attempt to promote diversity climate, the university has:

  1. Established a new dual-career hiring policy
  2. Developed and delivered diversity training for search committee members
  3. Developed a faculty workshop for women of color
  4. Designed and delivered an implicit bias workshop
  5. Pilot tested a continuous climate assessment in education to determine what chairs and deans can do to improve engagement and climate
  6. Developed a Distinguished Scholar Program to replace the STEM in Americas series
A mentoring program, including a research mentoring component, along with a training session on micro-aggression has also been implemented to promote co-worker support amongst faculty members. Furthermore, the university has taken a number of steps to address gender inequity including:
  1. Designing and delivering mid-career workshops
  2. Implementing a revised daycare policy to increase access
  3. Conducting a faculty salary survey with plans for competitive salary adjustments
  4. Implementing a new campus-wide performance appraisal system