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Administrator Fellows Program 2017/2018

To apply, please submit the following to Christiane Spitzmueller at

  • Statement describing your interest in the project
  • Current CV
  • Link to your Google Scholar profile

Conduct Space Analysis for Central Administrative Function/ADVANCE

Project Description:

Research space constitutes one of the critical resources faculty members need to accomplish their research. At the University of Houston, we have conducted only limited space allocation studies in the past. Hence, the goal of the current project is to conduct a comprehensive space analysis study for the University of Houston utilizing archival records and administrative data bases to link space allocation (e.g. square footage of research and office space) with gender, rank, and funding. The project will need to contain a strong quantitative analysis component, which can be supplemented with qualitative interviews.

The project is expected to be summarized in a report for the Provost, which will contain explanations for discrepancies in space allocation and recommendations on how space allocation discrepancies can be resolved.

Chris Stanich, Associate Vice Chancellor and Associate Provost of Institutional Planning and Analysis and Miguel Ramos, Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Assessment, and Accreditation, will serve as sponsors/mentors for this project.  

Learning Outcomes for the Fellow Include:

  • Exposure to senior administrators and inner workings of the Provost’s office
  • Understanding space resource allocations to faculty in Higher Education settings
  • Skills in database integration and development of reporting tools that can aid senior administrators in decision making
  • Develop nuanced understanding of complexities of resource allocations and reallocations in central administration

Eligibility Criteria and Benefits:

  • Female faculty members at the rank of Associate Professor or Full Professor are encouraged to apply.
  • The selected faculty member will receive an administrative stipend of $3,000 and a teaching release through ADVANCE