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Upcoming ADVANCE Events

The goal of the NSF ADVANCE program is to increase the number and success of women faculty in the science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and behavioral sciences fields by recruiting more diverse faculty, providing clear opportunities for advancement and career development, and providing an inclusive and balanced work environment.


  Campus Experience Survey Graphic
  A graphic representation of the factors which affect offer acceptance to UH. For a larger graphic, click here.

Campus Experience Survey Shows What Drives Faculty Candidates to Choose UH

ADVANCE recently conducted a campus visit experience survey among more than 70 applicants for tenure and tenure track positions, and the results were a surprising indication of what makes applicants choose to work at UH.

The overall results were favorable, with 71% of visitors stating that based on their campus visit, they would have accepted a UH position if offered. Eighty percent would recommend UH to others as a great prospective employer.

Of great importance to visitors was the ability to establish relationships and psychosocial support, with a particular emphasis on the ability to establish relationships with potential research collaborators.

"Based on the results of this survey, we will continue to broaden the uses of this tool and provide recommendations to the colleges to create an engaging and enticing visit" said Christiane Spitzmueller, Managing Director of the Center for ADVANCING UH Faculty Success.

Minority Faculty Development Workshop

The 2017 Symposium: Engineering A World of Difference: Academic-Industry Connections will focus on the applications-entrepreneurial and social-that drive career success.  

Over a three day period, participants will have multiple opportunities to engage with peers, academic leaders, and experts to better understand and utilize concepts that guide strategic career advancement. The program will include novel "un-conference" open sessions that allow participants to help shape the workshop content.

Learn more and apply to the workshop. The targeted audience is early and mid-career underrepresented minority engineering faculty.

Faculty Search Committee Training Sessions Open to Faculty

UH is committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse Powerhouse Faculty, and is offering a search training aimed at encouraging that goal. The training will focus on sharing best practices, resources, guidelines, and practical suggestions to make the task more productive and successful. To see a list of training dates and register, click here.


Yashashree Kulkarni
Yashashree Kulkarni, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Photo courtesy of the Cullen College of Engineering.

New UH STEM Camp Inspires Future Engineers
The UH STEM Center partnered with UH's teachHOUSTON program and the Young Inventors Association of America to host the UH Young Inventors Summer Camp, aimed at incoming sixth- through ninth-graders. The new event, hosted at the UH College of Education, was designed to fuel students' interest in science and engineering and to spur their creativity as future inventors, said Heather Domjan, a clinical associate professor in College of Education and interim director of the UH STEM Center. Read the full story.

Yashashree Kulkarni receives ASME 2017 Sia Nemat-Nasser Early Career Award
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Yashashree Kulkarni recently won an award from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for her work on nanotwinned metals. She was chosen as the winner of the 2017 Sia Nemat-Nassar Early Career Award for her "pioneering work on twin boundaries in crystalline materials and their role in next-generation nanostructured materials," according to ASME. "It's a very prestigious award. It is national-level recognition and I am really humbled by it," said Kulkarni. Read the full story

Women in Technology Series: Jami Kovach
Jamison V. Kovach, performs research and teaches courses in quality management within the University of Houston College of Technology project management master's program. Primarily, her focus is on applied research in industry to solve problems that help organizations achieve strategic objectives. Dr. Kovach also serves as the director of the Lean Six Sigma Professional Training program. In this role, she oversees the development and execution of diverse training that supports professional development and enables organizations to improve their competitiveness. Read her full Women in Technology interview


Paula Myrick Short, Director and Co-Principal Investigator, Center for ADVANCING UH Faculty Success
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